1st Annual LHS TV Telethon

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Our goal is to celebrate 30 years of television production while raising funds to support this nationally recognized program and continuing to provide television education at industry standards. Details

Our program strives to introduce students to equipment used frequently throughout the television industry and allow them to learn at industry standards while expressing their own creativity. The funds raised through this telethon will be used to introduce new equipment not yet used in our studio program, such as a JIB Arm, specialized lighting equipment and additional components to replace outdated technologies.

Students, teachers and alumni involved in the program tape events throughout Livingston to help supplement LTV’s programming with video material of interest to the community. The classes provide a realistic life experience for students who are both interested in the TV and Film field, and those who are not specifically interested in television but are instead interested in broadening their knowledge and experiences. Students continue to benefit in their college studies from knowledge and experiences in the program, including those majoring in film and television, and those pursuing other majors.

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June 6, 2014

Take a sneak peak before Saturday!

The 1st Annual LHSTV Telethon will be kicking off this Saturday. Here's a short teaser - see you all soon for 13 hours of fun!

The 1st Annual LHSTV Telethon will be kicking off this Saturday. Here's a short teaser - see you all soon for 13 hours of fun!

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  • Ellen Aronoff

    Thank you for so many years of great education and programming!- The Aronoff Family

  • Anonymous

  • Bonnie Granatir

    With thanks to Steve and Jason for inspiring a generation of students. Keep up the great work!

  • Pamela Clause McGroarty

  • Pamela McGroarty

  • Laura Strauss

    Thanks LHS!

  • Ali Ruchman

    thank you so much LTV for everything you do!!! keep rockin' it!

  • Anonymous

  • Mary Coyne

    Congratulations on 30 fantastic years! The Coyne Family

  • bobbie ringler

    Great job to all the guys and girls who made this a great year

  • Louis Maddalena

    Just rounding you out to the nearest hundred. Congrats on a great show.

  • Frank Sheehan

    No amount of money can equal the education and experience I learned in the LHS TV Program.

  • Julie Sher

    I am forever grateful to LHS TV/Daily/Milano & love seeing the studio continue to produce great memories!

  • Alexander Kontoleon

    Sorry I could not stop by, but wishing all the best to Steve and all the gang at LHS-TV!

  • The Kantor Family

  • Heather Terzian

    From the Terzian family. Great program!!

  • Dave Cohen

  • Roman Gelman

  • The Gershwin Family

    In honor of Marisa Gershwin, a member of AM Wired 2008-2009! The Gershwin Family

  • Leslie Winograd

  • Karen Nave-Scott

  • Tracy Carras

    Thanks for being such and important part of my son Nick's life. Tracy Carras

  • Karen and Aron Schlam

  • Carol Scheskowsky

    Mr. Milano and Mr. Daily ~ You are the best! Chez Family

  • Walter LeVine

    Good Luck!

  • Marie Nardiello

  • Luanne DeFelice

    Congratulations! and Thank you for all you do! What a great show!!

  • Ronnie Konner

    Great Program for all LHS Students!! Konner Family.

  • Peter Cullen

    Keep up the great work! Have always been a huge fan of TV34/LTV!

  • Anonymous

  • Melinger Family

    Good Luck Guys

  • Edward Richard

    From Poppa and Uncle Warren

  • Jordan Wagner

    I love you all!!

  • Arun Battu

    Good luck! Keep up the great work!

  • The Hauptman Family

    So happy to support such an amazing program for the Livingston High School students!

  • Bernice Thor

    Good luck! Thank you for giving Sam Thor a great experience!

  • kenneth austin

  • Laura Siegel

    Thank you for giving my children the opportunity to learn and enjoy TV production!

  • Anonymous

  • Ross Sholder

    Thanks to the LHS TV studio for giving me direction to a career and a family. Keep the program going strong.

  • Nancy Hochberg

  • Steven Spencer

    Love to Sami from Norman and family

  • The Brown Family

    Daily, Milano, and the AM Wired Assistants rock!!

  • Bruce Bagdan

    Proud parents of Sam Bagdan

  • Bob Gibbon

    The Gibbon Family

  • anita pasmantier

    Keep on creating. Just amazing!!

  • Shari Rynar

    Keep this program going!

  • Terri Gilbert

    Thanks for all the great shows! Congrats to the extraordinary TV teachers, innovative students, and supportive staff.

  • Sharon Cimbol

    We are so proud to be associated with the students, alumni and staff of this remarkable studio!! The Cimbol Family

  • John Allard

  • Jacob Haaker

  • Trudy Bier

    Keep up the great work! The Bier Family

  • Lauren Mullen

    Good luck guys! Wish I could be there with you!

  • Carol Berger

    Telethon looks great! Great job everybody! -The Berger Family

  • Anonymous

    the Mullen family

  • Anita Cohen

  • isabell himelstein

    Good luck everyone!

  • robert mckenna


  • The Hubert Family

    Have a successful telethon!

  • Anonymous

  • Neil Grossman

  • Patricia Schaefer

    In memory of my husband Ronald W Schaefer, Sr.

  • Cindy Katzeff

  • cami konecky

    GO LTV! ♡ Keep up the good work!

  • joel goldberg

  • Martha Ackermann

    LTV, you ROCK, especially the teacher Jason Daily and Steven Milano

  • Sheri & Evan Akelson

    Congratulations on 30 years! Thanks to Mr. Daly & Mr. Milano for the great work they do!

  • Rosalie Felberbaum

  • Beth Tilkin

  • Susan & Gerry Silberman

  • Shawn Zupp

    All the best to the entire LHS TV crew. Excellent work.

  • Colleen Reilly

    Sorry I was unable to be there today! I'll be watching the livestream and thinking of you all :) Great work team!

  • Nina and Roald Chrustinsky

    We are grandparents of Lauren Elizabeth Mullen. This is a great program. We hope it will continue for many years.

  • Nancy & David Waldenberg

    Good luck and have a successful telethon!

  • David Lerner

    Sorry I couldn't make it everyone. Im sure you'll do great.

  • Daniel Kreifus

    The best part of High School. Thanks for the walk down memory lane and a look at all the great work being done now.

  • Carol Flanzbaum

    I have so many great memories of the tv studio. Good luck today.

  • judith greenstone

  • Cindy & Grant Richard

  • staci testa

    good luck Nick Karis!

  • Coralyn Vossler

  • eileen&buddy august

    Our sons Zev & Benjamin began on the LHS morning show & have gone on to successful careers in TV and film.

  • Daniel Stein

    Great job crew, wish I could be there with you! Keep doing amazing things!

  • Sharryn and Ken Farer

    Wishing LHS TV many more years of learning and success.

  • Ellen Wilder

  • Louis Maddalena

    Good luck guys, sorry I couldn't be there!

  • Dan Melinger

    LHS TV was THE most important thing for me at LHS. I hope this brings meaningful experience to many more students.

  • Jason Silberman


  • Doreen Kirsch

  • Anonymous

  • Todd Outten

  • Naomi Melinger

  • Benjamin Melinger

  • Rafi Musher

  • Anonymous

  • Todd Outten